Caring for your Jewelry

Given the same loving care you would apply to precious metal and genuine gemstone jewelry, your Park Lane jewelry will give you years of enjoyment. Jewelry should go on as the final step of dressing, after using products such as soap, lotion, perfume and hair spray which can potentially damage your jewelry’s finish.


Fashion jewelry is not crafted to withstand excessive use or abuse, so it should always be removed when performing yard work, cleaning, showering, swimming, and participating in sports activities. Remove rings before washing dishes and handling detergent, bleach, alcohol, and cleansers.

Some people have a high acidity level, allergies, or other skin condition that may react to metal. They can, however, still accessorize by choosing items created from mediums such as lucite, leather, fabric, wood, or pearls. They can also consider items that won’t touch their skin such as brooches and pins or wear necklaces under their collar and over their clothing.

When jewelry is not in use, store each item individually in a covered box to keep it dust-free, dry, and to prevent tangling. To combat high humidity, placing a piece of chalk in your jewelry box(es) will help to absorb moisture.

Do NOT use jewelry cleaners on your high fashion Park Lane jewelry.  Instead use a soft cloth to gently polish your jewelry if needed.

With proper care, your Jewels by Park Lane selections will offer years of enjoyment and beauty.